Move to Improve

I thought I’d talk to you about some simple, but effective home or hotel mobility drills, that don’t require any equipment and will have a real positive effect on your movement

I’m here in Las Vegas on a training camp and after a 10 hour flight in a confined space, I know I tend to feel very tight and have the urge to get moving again.

A great quote I once heard was –

‘Mobility should be a proactive approach and not a reactive one!’

Which basically means, don’t start it when the damage has already been done and issues/injuries start to arise, anyone can make improvements, if you start implementing mobility work today.

Key point’s to remember –

We are trying to improve ROM, so don’t just flirt with the range, the mobility drills or warm up should be done with intent and purpose, then gradually over time work through increased joint ranges, in order to improve your mobility and unlock greater levels of performance.

How can it boost performance?

Increasing core temperature, improving mobility and firing up your CNS (Central Nervous System) are key components of a structured warm-up/mobility protocol and if you’re fired up and can tap into your CNS then you will be able to lift more load and perform better.