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Joshua vs Parker: Joe Cordina lights up Cardiff with stoppage victory

The 26-year-old Cardiff favourite outclassed his Belgian opponent from start to finish before, having his man down twice earlier in the round, he ended proceedings in the third to claim the vacant WBA International lightweight title.

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We Heart Living Article – March 2016

Recovery is incredibly important when it comes to marathon training and has to be factored in when planning your training cycle. Put simply: if you don’t allow adequate recovery then you will drastically reduce your output and rapidly increase the risk of overtraining – leading to injuries. It’s so important to know what your body really needs when you’re marathon training.

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Men’s Fitness magazine – October 2015 – PHA – Peripheral Heart Action training

Shred belly fat and build core strength with this two-kettlebell complex Higher, lower. No, we’re not watching repeats of Play Your Cards Right. We’re talking about the merits of alternating between upper- and lowerbody exercises – known as peripheral heart action (PHA) – for fat loss. PHA allows you to perform at high intensity for longer because your upper-body muscles can recover while the lower ones are working and vice versa. ‘The focus is to torch fat, but you’ll also boost your grip, core and functional strength’ says Dan Lawrence (, fitness coach for British boxer George Groves and
creator of this plan. Do all six moves back to back, and use the table above for your four-week fat-loss plan.


Supercharge your speed by using just 30-60% of your 1RM for three weeks. Do this circuit three times a week and rest as before. Consider yourself a contender

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George Groves has taken it down to the Big Bear essentials

George Groves is down to the Big Bear essentials as he gets ready for his third world title shot on Floyd Mayweather’s undercard.

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We Heart Living Article – January 2016

Periodisation means varying a training program at regular time intervals to bring about optimal gains in physical performance, and there are so many reasons why you should periodise your training.

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If you want to lift heavier, prevent injury and stay agile in the ring, you need to do your prep. Mobilise your joints with these fi rst two moves, from Mark’s trainers, then use the band exercises to activate the muscles you’re about to work. It’ll ensure you go the distance

Men’s Health September 2017

Dan Lawrence & colleague Doug Tannahill prepared Men’s Health editor Mark Peacock for a boxing match.

Former cover model Mark Peacock used to be fi t for little more than photos, but a spell in the ring taught him to think – and train – differently. This is how he built a body for elite performance, and how you can too